About Us

Over last 12 years GPC has emerged as one of the leading independent consultancy. Renowned for applying the highest standards of quality and integrity in all our property services.

We are passionate about Real Estate and are consummately professional in everything we do, which is why we are the fastest growing privately owned property consultancy company.

Mr Sumit Gupta, the founder & Director of GPC has been involved in Property and Finance he initially worked for multinational banks like HSBC and Standard Chartered bank helping clients to get finance for their Real Estate Investments. Since 2005, Sumit is advising clients on Real Estate investments and focusing on property advisory practice. Sumit had helped several investors to build their property portfolios successfully. Sumit coaches property investors on various subject matter.

At GPC, we are a niche property agency who deliver innovative solutions to national multiple retailers, banks, investors, developers and international institution. We are based right in central London and we have wide experience throughout the UK.

We provide our clients with focused and strategic advice on all types of properties, through a combination of expertise, market intelligence, and a totally professional approach.

We are specialise in Investment, Rent Reviews, lease renewal, lease extension and lease enfranchisement valuation and negotiations.

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