We are specialist agent acting on behalf of:

  • High Net Worth Individuals
  • Property Companies
  • Institutions
  • Owner Occupiers

We offer a niche service identifying and sourcing specific real estate investments for our clients.

Acting on behalf of selected parties only, we ideally look to procure off market stock which suits our clients’ requirements, and prefer to target specific purchasers when it comes to disposal.

We have acquired and disposed of investment property across the UK, with specialisation in London.

We currently have clients looking for different type of income producing investment as well as development potential investment deal.

We also have off market investment deals with return of 8% to 12% per annum and some with planning and development potential. Please email us your requirements on with your investment criteria and we will regularly send you investment deals which fits your criteria of investment.

Property Acquisition

Through our wide network and extensive market knowledge and experience we are able to source better property deals – many of which never reach the open market. We provide a bespoke and specialist service committed to searching for and acquiring various type of properties for private clients. We offer clients impartial and unbiased advice for property acquisition, and attempt to remove the stress and strain of purchasing property.

Our fee structure is aligned with our client’s interest. This means we are highly incentivised to secure the property on the best possible terms. To avoid potential conflicts of interest we waive our acquisition fee if our firm is instructed by the vendor and will be gaining a fee from the transaction.

Our team is well trained with multi skill to advise our client properly on various property matters.

For further information, please speak us on 0207 993 4890 - - - - - - - - -